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a.i.mater is a forerunner in language technology, combining software development with cutting-edge machine learning models


Speech Synthesis – TTS Solutions

Including the best Finnish machine voice and custom machine voices

Speech Recognition – STT Solutions

For example transcription services and voice user interfaces

Text Mining

Save a lot of time from processing large digital text datas


Aimaterin suomenkielinen koneääni Ilona on luonnollisen kuuloinen ja ihmismäinen.

Speech Synthesis – TTS Solutions

We develop natural-sounding TTS models in a variety of languages. Whether you want your audiobooks read cost-efficiently or need a custom-made voice for your audio-branding purposes, we got you covered.

Speech Recognition – STT Solutions

Speech recognition is a useful technology for many applications. With our STT solutions you can automatically transcribe meetings or interviews and create voice user interfaces (VUI) for your apps.

Text Mining

Process large amounts of text data in a matter of minutes. Make insights and gather important information. We know OCR and have battled with PDF to e.g. automatically extract foreign words from literary works of art.

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Our team

a.i.mater Lauri Falck

Lauri Falck

a.i.mater Aleksi Vesanto

Aleksi Vesanto

Ohjelmistokehityksen johtaja
Tech Lead
Kai Hakala

Kai Hakala

Johtava tutkija
ML Lead
a.i.mater Niko Miekka

Niko Miekka

UX Lead
Full-stack kehittäjä

UX Lead
Full-stack Developer
a.i.mater Antti Virtanen

Antti Virtanen

Machine Learning Engineer
a.i.mater Aki Koskela

Aki Koskela

Full-stack Developer
Eveliina Tupala Aimaterin markkinointi.

Eveliina Tupala